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about Canine massage therapy (CMT)

Canine massage therapy is a holistic approach to promoting optimum health in any dog's life. Like humans, this form of therapy can be essential in rehabilitation after injury, with chronic conditions, for athletes, in achieving relaxation or assistance with anxiety. 

When a primary injury or ailment exists within a dog, the body will react as a whole to compensate; other parts of the body will alter their regular way of functioning to alleviate stress or pain at the source. due to the compensatory nature of muscles, each session treats the full body. 

We offer more than relaxation and pain relief: sports massage is preventative, while also addressing and correcting cumulative injuries and stressors. We treat the entire body each session, going beyond the problem to also treat the underlying cause.

The benefits of certified massage therapy for canines is equivalent to those noticed by humans.

Applied for maintenance, rehabilitation or relaxation, your dog may notice the following benefits from massage therapy: 

  • increased range of motion

  • enhanced muscle tone

  • relief from muscle tension, spasms, soreness or weakness

  • relief from chronic pain, or the discomfort associated with arthritis

  • reduced inflammation and swelling in joints

  • decrease in hyperactivity, anxiousness and nervousness, leading to a more positive disposition and mood




services & rates



canine massage therapy

Certified Canine Massage Therapy (CCMT) treatments are not charged by the hour, rather by the session, and depending on the size of your dog sessions can last from 45-60 minutes. We work with a holistic approach and the goal is to treat the full body every time. 


reiki session 

Reiki is a complementary healing modality that activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being. This hands-on approach can help to reduce stress or anxiety, provide pain relief from arthritis or chronic conditions, and promote relaxation.




initial intake + (session fee)

Your canine companion's first session will include a one-time patient intake, where we review medical background, health conditions, gait analysis and examination in order to set a safe and effective action plan for therapy. 

Intake forms (and veterinary referral form, if necessary) are to be completed and ready for the first session. Please anticipate our $25 intake fee on top of your regular session fee for first time patients, as well as, an additional 30 minutes to your appointment.


Biomat + massage therapy 

The BioMat is an FDA licensed medical device that used FRAR infrared light and negative ion technology to deliver therapeutic results for a variety of conditions. This session will include 30 minutes on the BioMat, accompanied by light massage therapy, for your canine companion’s specific need/ailment. Benefits of the BioMat include: relief from chronic pain, increased circulation and removal of toxins, strengthened endocrine and nervous systems, and reduced anxiety.


All services include taxes.

Choose a 5-session pack and save 10%
CCMT Regular $350 or 5-sessions for $315 paid as package
Reiki Regular $300 or 5-sessions for $270 paid as package
BioMat + CCMT Regular $300 or 5-sessions for $270 paid as package



about barcs


Balanced Approach Rehab & Canine Services offers multiple therapies with your dog's well-being
at the heart of our practice. 

  • CCMT certification through Brandenburg Massage Therapy
    (an IAAMB/ACWT preferred educational provider)

  • mentorship in rehabilitation & hydrotherapy at K9 Rehab Wellness Centre (Burnaby) 

  • pet first aid trained & certified through Walks 'n Wags Vancouver 

  • dog behaviour & training certification with SIRIUS Dog Academy 

  • second level certified Reiki practitioner (CRP) through
    the International College of Energy Healing 

  • educational background from Queen's and Waterloo Universities


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